Arctic Challenge for Sustainability

Learning tool The Arctic

Learning tool The Arctic

The Arctic sea ice has been decreasing at an unprecedented rate, yet the decline mechanism is not well understood. The Arctic is a role-playing board game. Players will learn the current status, anticipated future changes, and the resulting issues in the Arctic.

Players take a sea-ice tile in every turn. The tile represents the decline of sea ice and the lapse of time in the game. Each player becomes either an oceanographer, cultural anthropologist, indigenous personnel, industry personnel, fisher, or diplomat. Players make decisions to cope with the changing Arctic, and aim to fulfil their target Arctic score.

Various fields of scientists have developed this board game in collaboration with the science museum.


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Release date
27 January 2020 *Release date of the English version
Project Manager
Hajime Kimura (International Law), JAMSTEC
Project Team

●Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS) project
  Eiji Watanabe (Physical Oceanography), JAMSTEC
  Jonaotaro Onodera (Biological Oceanography) , JAMSTEC
  Makoto Sampei (Biological Oceanography) , Hokkaido University
  Minoru Kitamura (Biological Oceanography) , JAMSTEC
  Minori Takahashi (International Relations) , Hokkaido University
  Satoshi Kimura (Physical Oceanography) , JAMSTEC
  Tetsuo Sueyoshi (Cryospheric Science) , NIPR
  Yuka Oishi (Cultural Anthropology), National Museum of Ethnology / National Institutes for the Humanities

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
  Asako Hama, Naoko Sakai, Shiori Yamakawa, Tomokazu Fukui, Yuji Shimizu

Game Design
Art Work
Kei Yoshimoto, Rieko Matsuyama, Naoko Inoue
Tatsuya Sei (DokyoGames)