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[CLOSED] Second Call for Application: International Research Exchange Program of ArCS II for 2022

*Application closed.


As one of the Priority Subjects of the Arctic Challenge for Sustainability II (ArCS II), the International Research Exchange Program aims to develop outstanding human resources capable of leading Arctic research and to strengthen the capabilities of research groups by developing and further enhancing sustainable international joint research systems and human networks through collaboration with laboratories and research groups at overseas research institutions.

Details of Program

The program is an international joint research project focused on the Arctic region, which is implemented through mutual exchange between laboratories and research groups in Japanese research institutions such as universities, and their overseas counterparts. This program supports short-term and medium- to long-term visits to overseas sites by researchers, primarily young Japanese members, and invitations for overseas researchers to visit Japan, as well as holding international workshops, joint seminars and other events.

Role of Overseas Partner Institutions

  • Representatives of the overseas partner institution conducting this exchange (the overseas coordinators) should work with coordinators at the counterpart institution in Japan to complete the application form and submit the Agreement for participating in this exchange program.
  • Overseas coordinators should clearly identify the members of the overseas institution who will be participating in this program.
  • Please ensure you have an organization in place for hosting researchers, primarily young Japanese members.
  • Travel and living expenses, etc., will be paid by the Japanese coordinator’s organization.


Deadline of Application: by noon on Monday, June 20, 2022 [closed]
Notification of the Results: Early August 2022
Program Start: From September 1, 2022

* For the latest information about entering into Japan, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website:

Administration in charge of this Program

Arctic Environment Research Center
National Institute of Polar Research
10-3, Midori-Cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-8518, Japan

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