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Arctic Environmental Information Website

Providing the latest research results, knowledge, and news on the Arctic collected across the world, as well as integrated and comprehensive information updated on the legal policies and economic trends related to the Arctic to a wide range of stakeholders


Arctic News and Events

Latest Arctic news and event information
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Arctic Weather and Environmental Data

The Arctic region is where the impact of global warming is most evident. Not only decrease of the sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean, but also various changes of the atmosphere, oceans, snow and ice, and land are taking place. Meteorological and environmental data in the Arctic plays a very important role in understanding the environmental changes in the Arctic region.
Let's explore the Arctic environmental changes through various data here.


Education and Outreach

Information on education and outreach activities is delivered online

International Arctic Policies
and Research Organizations
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Worldwide Arctic policy documents are archived.

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History of the Arctic Research
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A brief history of the Arctic research activities in Japan and overseas are archived.