Prof. Kumiko Goto-Azuma

Degrees D.Eng.., March 1986 (Hokkaido University)
Specialties Glaciology
Main associations

Japanese Society of Snow and Ice, International Glaciological Society, American Geophysical Union

Awards Japanese Society of Snow and Ice Hirata Prize (1998)

Main educational and research activities

Polar ice sheets and glaciers contain frozen records of the Earth’s atmosphere and snowfalls, from the distant past to the present. In my research, I investigate how the Earth’s climate and environment has changed over time by means of drilling and analyzing ice cores from polar ice sheets and glaciers. I have analyzed shallow ice cores drilled at various sites in the Arctic, focusing on regional differences and teleconnections. I have also participated in an Antarctic research expedition to study the deep ice cores drilled at Dome Fuji. Since 2015, I have been participating in "East Greenland Ice Core Project (EGRIP)", an international deep ice coring project, as a national representative.
I am now working on a comparative analysis of Greenland and Antarctic deep ice cores, with the goal of shedding light on the mechanism of glacial-interglacial cycles and the mechanisms behind the millennial-scale changes in global climate and environment.


Kumiko Goto-Azuma

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