Assoc.Prof. Yuuki Watanabe


Ph.D., March 2007 (The University of Tokyo)


Marine biology

Main associations

The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science

Main educational and research activities

My research interest is on the ecology and physiology of marine predators in the polar region. Especially, I am interested in (1) the foraging behavior and energy budget of penguins and seals, (2) the diving physiology of these animals, (3) the biomechanical aspects that allow the animals to swim efficiently, and (4) the impact of these animals on the marine ecosystem. I have been using miniaturized animal-attached tag, which records depth, temperature, swim speed, acceleration, geomagnetism, and so on. More recently, I have been trying to directly observe the foraging behavior of penguins and seals with animal-attached cameras.


Yuuki Watanabe

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