For visitors


Anyone can browse the collection during regular open hours.
Our collection can be searched via the NIPR online public access catalog (OPAC).


Our library does not lend any materials to individuals not affiliated with NIPR.
If you are affiliated a university or other institution, please apply through your university or institutional library.

Self-service photocopying

Photocopying services are available only for materials in the Library's collections.
You can copy the materials yourself, except for rare books and materials in poor condition.
All photocopying is subject to copyright law and other restrictions. If you wish to make photocopies, please fill out the application form.

Photocopying fees:
35yen / page (black&white) 100yen / page (color)
E-Journal page count depends on its PDF display format.

For non-visitors

Photocopying by library staff

To have our photocopying service make copies, you can apply by e-mail or FAX. Please fill out the application form.
After we receive your form, we will notify you regarding the copying fee within two business days.
Once you have received the notification, please send the fee in cash by registered mail. We will send the requested article(s) to you as soon as we have confirmed payment.

Fax +81-42-528-3104

Application form (PDF / Excel)


If you have any questions about using the library or about its collections and policies, please ask us:

Inter-Library Loan

If you have a university or institutional affiliation, you can borrow or copy materials in the Library's collections via your university's or institution's library via its interlibrary loan service.
For details, please ask a librarian your university / institution.


Fees: 35yen / page (black&white) 100yen / page (color)
E-Journal page count depends on its PDF display format.


Location: general stacks
Term: 20 days (includes the mailing period)
Number of volumes that can be borrowed at one time: 2
Fee: Mailing cost only