The 11th Symposium on Polar Science (1 – 3 December 2020)

Oral sessionPoster session

Interdisciplinary Session
[IW] Whole atmosphere


This session provides an opportunity to present and discuss observational, theoretical, and modeling studies focusing on a variety of phenomena in each layer or across multiple layers of the earth's atmosphere.

Conveners : Yoshihiro Tomikawa, Mitsumu K. Ejiri, and Takanori Nishiyama (NIPR)

Real-time Oral presentations (13:30 – 15:00, 15:30 – 17:30)

Date: Thu. 3 December

Note: [I] represents an invited talk.

Chair: Naohiko Hirasawa (NIPR)
IWo1 13:30 - 13:45 The analysis of extreme tropopause fold events at Syowa Station in the Antarctic *Masatoshi Mizukoshi (The University of Tokyo), Masashi Kohma (The University of Tokyo), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo)
IWo2 13:45 - 14:00 The Kelvin-Helmholtz billows in the Antarctic troposphere and lower stratosphere captured by the PANSY radar at Syowa Station (69.0°S, 39.6°E) *Yuichi Minamihara (The University of Tokyo), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo), Masaki Tsutsumi (NIPR)
IWo3 14:00 - 14:15 Characteristics of inertia gravity waves over Syowa Station in summer -Comparison between the PANSY radar and the ERA5 reanalysis- *Lihito Yoshida (SOKENDAI), Yoshihiro Tomikawa (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Mitsumu K. Ejiri (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Masashi Kohma (The University of Tokyo), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo)
IWo4 14:15 - 14:30 Current status of LODEWAVE (Long-Duration balloon Experiment of gravity WAVE over Antarctica) *Yoshihiro Tomikawa (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo), Yoshitaka Saito (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Isao Murata (Tohoku University), Naohiko Hirasawa (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Masashi Kohma (The University of Tokyo), Kyoichi Nakashino (Tokai University), Daisuke Akita (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takuma Matsuo (Meiji University), Masatomo Fujiwara (Hokkaido University), Lihito Yoshida (SOKENDAI)
IWo5 14:30 - 14:45 A study of dynamical processes in the middle atmosphere associated with a sudden stratospheric warming using a high-resolution and high-top general circulation model *Haruka Okui (The University of Tokyo), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo), Dai Koshin (The University of Tokyo), Shingo Watanabe (JAMSTEC)
IWo6 14:45 - 15:00 Time Variation of PMWE and Turbulent Energy Dissipation Rates after the Stratospheric Sudden Warming in the Southern Hemisphere in 2019 *Masashi Kohma (The University of Tokyo), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo), Koji Nishimura (NIRP), Masaki Tsutsumi (NIPR & SOKENDAI)
15:00 - 15:30 Break
Chair: Masaki Tsutsumi (NIPR)
IWo7 15:30 - 15:45 Statistical study of atmospheric stability in the polar upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere above Tromsø by using sodium LIDAR data *Sekiho Maeda (Nagoya University), Satonori Nozawa (Nagoya University), Takuya Kawahara (Shinshu University), Norihito Saito (RIKEN), Satoshi Wada (RIKEN), Takuo Tsuda (The University of Electro-Communications), Toru Takahashi (Electronic Navigation Research Institute & University of Oslo), Tetsuya Kawabata (Nagoya University), Chris Hall (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
IWo8 15:45 - 16:00 Statistical study of Sporadic Sodium Layer (SSL) in the polar MLT region *Satonori Nozawa (ISEE, Nagoya University), Takuo T. Tsuda (The University of Electro-Communications), Norihito Saito (RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics), Toru Takahashi (University of Oslo & Electronic Navigation Research Institute), Takuya Kawahara (Shinshu University), Yasunobu Ogawa (NIPR), Hitoshi Fujiwara (Seikei University), Satoshi Wada (RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics), Tetsuya Kawabata (ISEE, Nagoya University), Chris Hall (UiT The Arctic University of Norway), Asgeir Brekke (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
IWo9 16:00 - 16:15 A frequency-tunable resonance scattering lidar observation at Syowa in Antarctic - Characteristics of calcium ion layer in the mesosphere and lower-thermosphere - *Mitsumu K. Ejiri (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Takanori Nishiyama (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Takuo T. Tsuda (UEC), Takuji Nakamura (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Makoto Abo (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Katsuhiko Tsuno (RIKEN, RAP), Takuya D. Kawahara (Shinshu Univ.), Takayo Ogawa (RIKEN, RAP), Satoshi Wada (RIKEN, RAP)
IWo10 16:15 - 16:30 Development of the mesosphere wind observation using meteors on the PANSY radar *Taishi Hashimoto (NIPR), Masaki Tsutsumi (NIPR), Koji Nishimura (NIPR), Toru Sato (Kyoto University), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo)
IWo11 16:30 - 16:45 Imaging Observation of Ionospheric Field Aligned Irregularities by the PANSY Radar at Antarctic Syowa Station *Daisuke Kagawa (Kyoto University), Taishi Hashimoto (NIPR), Akinori Saito (Kyoto University), Koji Nishimura (NIPR), Masaki Tsutsumi (NIPR), Toru Sato (Kyoto Universit), Kaoru Sato (Tokyo University)
IWo12 16:45 - 17:00 Statistical study of solar activiy and seasonal dependence of semidiurnal tide in the polar lower Thermosphere on quiet days using EISCAT radar data *Hirotaka Koyama (Nagoya University), Satonori Nozawa (Nagoya University), Yasunobu Ogawa (NIPR), Asgeir Brekke (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
IWo13 17:00 - 17:30 [I] Solar Impact on Climate through Energetic Particle Precipitation *Yvan J. Orsolini (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)

Poster presentations (16 November - 18 December)

IWp1 Multi-frequency mm-wave spectrometer for atmospheric minor constituents at Syowa Station *Akira Mizuno (ISEE, Nagoya University), Daichi Tsutsumi (ISEE, Nagoya University), Takahiro Kosegaki (ISEE, Nagoya University), Hiroyuki Iwata (ISEE, Nagoya University), Taku Nakajima (ISEE, Nagoya University), Kohei Haratani (ISEE, Nagoya University), Tomoo Nagahama (ISEE, Nagoya University), Syoki Iriyama (ISEE, Nagoya University), Genma Mizoguchi (ISEE, Nagoya University), Naoto Sekiya (University of Yamanashi), Takuma Hayashi (University of Yamanashi), Yoshihiro Tomikawa (NIPR), Mitsumu K. Ejiri (NIPR), Kaoru Sato (The University of Tokyo)
IWp2 Direct Evidence of Nitrate Aerosol Formation in Summer Antarctic Stratosphere Obtained by a Balloon-Assisted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Two-Stage Separation Method *Masahiko Hayashi (Fukuoka University), Shin-Ichiro Higashino (Kyushu University), Takuya Okada (Kyushu University), Shuji Nagasaki (Kyushu University), Koichi Shiraishi (Fukuoka University), Keiichi Ozuka (Nippon Tungsten Co. Ltd)
IWp3 Sporadic Fe layer event associated with vertical ion drift based on wind shear theory: simultaneous observation by a resonance scattering lidar and an MF radar at Syowa station (69.0°S, 39.6°E) *Takanori Nishiyama (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Mitsumu K. Ejiri (NIPR & SOKENDA), Takuo T. Tsuda (The University of Electro- Communications), Katsuhiko Tsuno (ASI, RIKEN), Takuji Nakamura (NIPR & SOKENDA), Masaki Tsutsumi (NIPR & SOKENDA), Makoto Abo (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Taku D. Kawahara (Shinshu University), Takayo Ogawa (ASI, RIKEN), Satoshi Wada (ASI, RIKEN)
IWp4 Seasonal variations of 18O and 13C of CO2 in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere over Siberia *Yoichi Inai (Tohoku University & JMA), Shotaro Chida (Tohoku University), Shinji Morimoto (Tohoku University), Shohei Murayama (AIST), Shuji Aoki (NIPR), Takakiyo Nakazawa (Tohoku University), Toshinobu Machida (NIES), Hidekazu Matsueda (MRI), Yousuke Sawa (JMA), Kazuhiro Tsuboi (MRI), Keiichi Katsumata (NIES & Takachiho Chem. Industrial Co.), Ryo Fujita (MRI)
IWp5 Short-term variations of HCl and HF trends observed with FTIR at Tsukuba and Rikubetsu *Isao Murata (Tohoku University), Yoshihiro Tomikawa (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Isamu Morino (National Institute for Environmental Studies), Hideaki Nakajima (National Institute for Environmental Studies), Hideharu Akiyoshi (National Institute for Environmental Studies), Tomoo Nagahama (Nagoya University)
IWp6 The impact of assimilation of PANSY radar observation at Syowa station on atmospheric circulation reproduction in reanalysis data *Kazutoshi Sato (Kitami Institute of Technology), Jun Inoue (NIPR), Akira Yamazaki (JAMSTEC), Yoshihiro Tomikawa (NIPR)
IWp7 Na layer variation related with cosmic noise absorption observed at Syowa, Antarctic *Takuo T. Tsuda (UEC), Yoshimasa Tanaka (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Ryo Tozu (UEC), Kyogo Takizawa (UEC), Mitsumu K. Ejiri (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Takanori Nishiyama (NIPR & SOKENDAI), Takuya D. Kawahara (Shinshu Univ.), Takuji Nakamura (NIPR & SOKENDAI)