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Integrating Arctic Research – a Roadmap for the Future ICARPIII final report

February 24, 2016
National Institute of Polar Research
Sub-committee on IASC, Sub-committee for International Affairs,
Committee on Earth and Planetary Sciences, Science Council of Japan
Japan Consortium for Arctic Environmental Research (JCAR)

The official outcomes of the Third International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III) were published online today. The enclosed report, entitled “Integrating Arctic Research – A Roadmap for the Future” presents the key messages that emerged from the 2 year ICARP III process.

Initiated by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) with engagement from its partners, including JCAR , ICARP III provided a process for integrating priorities for forward-looking, collaborative, interdisciplinary Arctic research and observing, and for establishing an inventory of recent and current synthesis documents and major developments in Arctic research. The report identifies the most important Arctic research needs and provides a roadmap for research priorities and partnerships. The ICARP process points the way for scientists to take action, in cooperation with rights holders and stakeholders, to produce results that will have global impact. It concludes that the role of the Arctic in the global system, the prediction of future climate dynamics and ecosystem responses, and improved understanding of the vulnerability and resilience of Arctic environments and societies must be prioritized.

For more information please see the report and visit the ICARP III website:

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