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Report on IASC-SHWG at ASSW 2021

Reported by Akiho SHIBATA (Kobe University),
Nobuhiro KISHIGAMI (NIHU-National Museum of Ethnology)
Related research program: Atmosphere, Arctic Sea Routes, Coastal Environments

ASSW: Arctic Science Summit Week
IASC: International Arctic Science Committee
SHWG: Social and Human Working Group

An annual meeting of the IASC-SHWG was convened entirely online at the ASSW hosted by Portugal, with over 50 participants at open session on March 20 and over 30 participants at closed session on March 21. As usual, the presentations and discussions centered around the international projects financially supported by the Group. An interesting idea was suggested by the outgoing Chair, Mr. Petrov (US), that the Group might want to consider the possibility of proposing a large project from the Group such as H (uman)-MOSAiC. The Group decided on the new Chair (Chatwood, Canada) and two Vice-chairs (Chambers, Iceland; Halaskova, Czech Republic).