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Report on IASC AWG at ASSW 2022

Reported by: Jun INOUE (NIPR), Yutaka TOBO (NIPR)
Related research program: Atmosphere, Arctic Sea Routes,
Coastal Environments

ASSW : Arctic Science Summit Week

The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Atmosphere Working Group (AWG) meetings (both open and closed) were held both in-person (Tromsø, Norway) and online on 27 March 2022. Dr. Stephen Arnold (University of Leeds, UK) who is the IASC AWG Chair led the meetings. In the open meeting, the updates on AWG activities granted in 2021-2022 (e.g., MOSAiC Science Conference, QuIESCENT Arctic Workshop, HiFACE Workshop) were reported by PIs of these activities. Then, the Chair explained the recent updates on the current three AWG pillars (MOSAiC, PACES, and YOPP) and introduced Dr. Thomas Webb (University of York, UK) who was selected as the AWG 2022 fellow. In addition, Dr. Julia Schmale (EPFL, Switzerland) introduced the overview of a new field research program (GreenFjord) focusing on fjord ecosystems in Greenland led by several Swiss institutions in 2022-2025, and Dr. Gijs de Boer (NOAA, USA) talked about an upcoming climate model intercomparison program (NORP CMIP6 Bootcamp summer school) scheduled in the summer of 2022. The updates on AWG-relevant activities (e.g., National Reports, IASC strategy plan, ICARP IV) was also discussed in the last part of the open meeting. In the closed session, the AWG members discussed the selection of the next AWG chair and vice-chair(s). The members also evaluated the allocation of the AWG-related funding in 2022-2023.