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Report on Arctic Frontiers 2022 – Pathways

Reported by Hiroyuki ENOMOTO (NIPR)

Arctic Frontiers 2022 – Pathways
・Science Session
・Big Picture Session

The Arctic Frontiers 2022 Pathways was a posthumous name discussing the choices the Arctic is facing in tackling the pressing global challenges. The purpose of the event is that the urgency of action, along with the rest of the world, has moved the region from one global crisis to another, and the effects of the current crisis are still partially apparent. It is because it has not been done. At the 2022 conference, attention was focused on the purpose and future course of cooperation in the Arctic Circle. The 2022 conference also focused on the path to respect for science in economic development, sustainability, climate change, security, stability and decision making. Pathways emphasized the need for involvement and partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, ranging from global policy, corporate strategy, indigenous livelihoods to individual choices.

Session 1. Arctic Collaboration: Pathways Forward
Session 2. Pathways to Sustainable Use of the Ocean
Session 3. Pathways to Sustainable Finance
Session 4. Pathways to Energy Transition
Session 5. Pathways for Arctic Infrastructure
Session 6. Future Pathways