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Report on IASC CWG at ASSW 2023

Reported by Teruo AOKI (NIPR), Nozomu TAKEUCHI (Chiba University)
Related research program: Cryosphere

The annual meeting of the Cryosphere Working Group (CWG) of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) was held in a hybrid meeting at Vienna, Austria on 19 February 2023, during the Arctic Science Summit Week 2023 (ASSW2023). In the open session, following after a brief personal introduction for the working group, the chair, Shawn Marshall (Canada), and secretary, Rosalie MacKay, gave an overview of CWG activities, including preparation for ICARP IV and the CWG budget. He also announced that the national reports on the Arctic science activities have not been updated in this year. In the following session, the status of CWG activities was reported, including BEPSII Summer School, NAG report, Arctic Permafrost Atlas workshop, ISMASS side meeting at Cryosphere 2022, AGORA, and ARTofMELT. Other cryosphere activities external to CWG and cross-cutting activities were also reported. In the afternoon session, the IASC young fellows gave a brief speech and activities of the cross-cutting projects in 2021 and 2022 were presented. In the following closed session of CWG, the proposals of nine new cross-cutting activities were evaluated and finally approved to be supported by the CWG. Allocation remaining budget was discussed. The Chair explained the needs to preparation for ICARP IV in 2025 and International Polar Year 2032-33.