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[CLOSED] Second Call for Application for ArCS II International Early Career Researchers Program for 2023

*Application closed.


As a priority program of the Arctic Challenge for Sustainability II (ArCS II) project, this call for applications invites a wide range of early career researchers from the Arctic and non-Arctic countries who are engaged in Arctic research, and supports their research by employing or accepting them at universities and research institutions in Japan. At the same time, this project aims to revitalize mutual exchange between Arctic researchers in Japan and early career researchers overseas and to strengthen the cooperative system for international joint research.

This call for application started before the decision to grant a subsidy for the ArCS II project in FY2023 so that this program could be started smoothly after the decision. Note that there may be changes made in the future.

Activities to be conducted

The International Early Career Researchers will belong to a university or a research institution in Japan and be engaged in Arctic research under the guidance of the Host Researcher. This program is designed to help International Early Career Researchers develop their careers as researchers specializing in Arctic studies and expects them, in the future, to act as a liaison with their Host Institution by having them participate in working-level meetings and research meetings.

*In the second call for application, the minimum length of appointment was changed from “at least 12 months” to “at least 6 months”.

Deadline for the submission of application for the Program

[closed] The application documents must arrive by noon, Monday, May 8, 2023 (Japan standard time)

– The International Early Career Researcher (Candidate) is required to prepare an application form in cooperation with the Host Researcher and submit a letter of consent (by the Candidate) to apply for Call for Application for ArCS II International Early Career Researchers Program; a letter of recommendation (any format); and a copy of the transcript of the doctoral or the certificate of the degree. Or, if the Candidate is a prospective Ph at the time of application, Certificate of enrollment or Documentation that clarifies when the degree of doctor is expected to be obtained is required.
– If the application is selected for this program, the Candidate will be employed or accepted by the Host Institution and will be engaged in joint research with the Host Researcher in Japan. The Candidate is requested to fully discuss his/her employment or other terms and conditions and reach a mutual agreement on them with the Host Researcher and the Host Institution before applying for this program.

*In this call, the application must be filed by the Host Researcher.
*The payment of salaries and expenses including the accommodation expenses will be executed by the Host Institution.

*For the latest information about entering into Japan, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website:

Administration in charge of this Program

Arctic Environment Research Center
National Institute of Polar Research
10-3, Midori-Cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-8518, Japan

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