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Participation in ASSW2021

ArCS II Overseas Fellowship Program for FY2020 participant
Toya HAZUMI (Hokkaido University)

I was selected for the support project for young researchers and supported participation in the Arctic Science Summit Week 2021. It was planned to be held in Portugal, but actually it was held online (Zoom) due to COVID-19. At the conference, various researchers, organizations, and groups related to the Arctic Circle, regardless of humanities or natural sciences, gathered and exchanged information and made presentations in multiple sessions.

I participated in Session 74, “Plankton Microbial Communities and its Functions in a Changing Arctic” held on the 26th, and gave an oral presentation. The study aims to elucidate lower ecosystem structures in the Greenland fjords and the effects of glacier meltwater influx on them. I also received questions and advice from other researchers. I will utilize them in my research.

Regarding plankton, which is my research subject, metagenomic analysis observation is the mainstream, and I felt that the number of researches using a microscope for the research will decrease in the future. However, at the same time, I felt this technology would be a weapon for me and my laboratory. Thanks to this support system, I was able to gain an invaluable experience of attending and presenting at international conferences. We would like to thank the people involved in ArCS II and the secretariat for giving me such an opportunity.