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Report on public lecture of ESSAS 2021

Reported by Naomi Harada(JAMSTEC) and Toru Hirawake(NIPR)
Related research program:Ocean,Coastal Environments

A public lecture entitled “Mammal living in the sea: fur seal, seal, dolphin, whale, and human being” by Dr. Yoko Mitani (Hokkaido University, a collaborate researcher of Coastal Environments research program) was successfully held on 30th May as an event of the 2021 annual science meeting of “Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Seas” (ESSAS) with a co-sponsorship of ArCS II, J-ARC Net, Arctic Research Center of Hokkaido University and JAMSTEC. Although the lecture was delivered through online, we could have 103 participants. Dr. Mitani introduced mammals found around Hokkaido and the north Pacific and presented a long history of change in biomasses of mammals that have been highly impacted by activities of human beings.  She concluded that there is no border between mammals and human being and coexistence in the seas is important. A lot of questions and comments from participants to this impressive talk were raised after the lecture. We hope that participants had interest in studies in the Arctic and sub-Arctic ecosystem.