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Guide for Authors

Paper submission system

Antarctic Record is now using the Editorial Manager system for online submissions and peer review. Registered users can submit papers at any time.

Submission guide

Please check the following before submission

  • Are the Japanese and English abstracts within the specified length limits?
  • Are references correctly formatted?
  • Are insertion points for figures and tables specified in the text?
  • Does each figure and table include a sequential number and the author's name?
  • Are the figure captions and table captions provided on separate pages?

Procedure after submission

Peer review / proofreading
After a submission is received, it is peer-reviewed and proofread by two referees in the case of a scientific paper, scientific note, or review article or by one referee in the case of a report. After the peer review or proofreading, authors should resubmit revised manuscripts within roughly one week using the online submission system.

Publication charge
Submission and publication are free of charge.

English review
We provide an English language editing service for papers that have been accepted for free. Editing includes the English abstract only for papers written in Japanese and the entire manuscript for papers written in English.

Formatting and proofreading of papers
• Papers that have been accepted will be formatted for publication.
• Authors will be asked to proofread (first proof only) the manuscripts that have been formatted for publication.
The editorial office will copyedit subsequent proofs.

Publication of papers
We officially started to apply Creative Commons (CC) licenses to published papers in January 2015. In general, published paper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) International license.
Since the shift to exclusive online publishing in January 2016, accepted papers are now published on the web in order of acceptance.
Since August 2016, Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) have be assigned to papers that are published online.

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