The Seventh Symposium on Polar Science (29 November - 2 December, 2016)

Interdisciplinary session
[IG] Ice Core Research - past achievements and future prospects
横断セッション [IG] アイスコア研究 - これまでの成果と今後の展開

Ice-core records from both polar regions and from mid/low latitude glaciers have enhanced our knowledge and understanding of past climatic and environmental changes. A new international deep ice-coring project has just been started in Greenland. At the same time many nations are focused on drilling the "oldest ice" in Antarctica under the umbrella of the International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences. Many shallow ice coring projects are planned in both polar regions, Asia and South America. This session invites presentations of the results obtained from various ice cores with different time-scales, as well as results from studies related to ice cores, such as paleo-environment records from other archives, paleo-climate modeling, and studies on the present-day atmosphere that would offer complementary information on mechanisms of climatic and environmental changes, contribute to the interpretation of ice core data, or both. This session also invites introductions to ice coring projects and future plans.


Conveners : Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR)

Oral presentations (09:30 - 12:00, 14:00 - 15:15)

Date : Fri. 2 Dec.
Place : 2F Auditorium, National Institute of Polar Research
口頭発表会場:極地研究所 2階 大会議室

Chairs: Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR), Ayako Abe-Ouchi (AORI)
座長:東 久美子(極地研)・阿部彩子(東大大気海洋研)
09:00 - 09:30 Interhemispheric climate coupling via atmospheric and oceanic teleconnections during abrupt climate change of the last ice age *Christo Buizert (OSU), Michael Sigl (PSI), Mirko Severi (Univ. Florence), Frederic Parrenin (LGGE), Lea Gest (LGGE), T.J. Fudge (UW), Bradley Markle (UW), Eric Steig (UW), Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR), Kenji Kawamura (NIPR), Shuji Fujita (NIPR), Hideaki Motoyama (NIPR), Motohiro Hirabayashi (NIPR), Ryu Uemura (Univ. Ryukyus), Justin Wettstein (OSU), Joel Pedro (CIC), Feng He (OSU)
09:30 - 09:45 Transient climate simulation of the last deglaciation *Takashi Obase (AORI), Ayako Abe-Ouchi (AORI, JAMSTEC)
気候モデルによる退氷期のシミュレーション *小長谷貴志(東大大気海洋研)、阿部彩子(東大大気海洋研、海洋研究開発機構)
09:45 - 10:00 Improvement in dating of the Dome Fuji ice core using O2/N2 (80-165 ka) *Ikumi Oyabu (NIPR), Kenji Kawamura (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Kyotaro Kitamura (NIPR)
南極ドームふじ氷床コアのO2/N2による年代決定の高精度化(8-16.5万年前) *大藪幾美(極地研)、川村賢二(極地研、総研大)、北村享太郎(極地研)
10:00 - 10:15 Preliminary results of atmospheric CH4 concentration during the Holocene reconstructed from the NEEM (Greenland) and Dome Fuji (East Antarctica) ice cores *I. Oyabu (NIPR), K. Kawamura (NIPR, SOKENDAI), K. Goto-Azuma (NIPR, SOKENDAI), K. Kitamura (NIPR), S. Aoki (Tohoku Univ.) T. Nakazawa (Tohoku Univ.), E. J. Brook (OSU) , T. Blunier (CIC)
グリーンランドNEEM氷床コアと南極Dome Fuji氷床コアから復元された 完新世のメタン濃度 *大藪幾美(極地研)、川村賢二(極地研、総研大)、東久美子(極地研、総研大)、北村享太郎(極地研)、青木周司(東北大)、中澤高清(東北大)、E. J. Brook(オレンゴン州立大)、T. Blunier(コペンハーゲン大)
Coffee Break
10:30 - 11:00 EGRIP - Into an Ice Stream EGRIP Community, *Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (UCPH)
11:00 - 11:15 Migration of Dome Fuji summit position in glacial and interglacial periods - an approach to detect principal axes of strain within the ice sheet using a radar sounding method - *S. Fujita (NIPR, SOKENDAI)
11:15 - 11:30 Metamorphism of layered firn at Dome Fuji, Antarctica: Evolution of relations between Near-infrared reflectivity and the other textural/chemical properties *Shuji Fujita (NIPR, SOKEIDAI), Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR, SOKEIDAI), Hiroyuki Enomoto (NIPR, SOKEIDAI, KIT), Kotaro Fukui (NIPR), Motohiro Hirabayashi (NIPR), Akira Hori (KIT), Yu Hoshina (Nagoya U.), Yoshinori Iizuka (ILTS), Yuko Motizuki (RIKEN), Hideaki Motoyama (NIPR, SOKEIDAI), Fumio Nakazawa (NIPR), Shin Sugiyama (ILTS), Sylviane Surdyk(NIPR), Kazuya Takahashi (RIKEN)
11:30 - 11:45 Effects of solid particles on deformation and texture/fabric evolution of ice *Wataru Shigeyama (SOKENDAI), Naoko Nagatsuka (NIPR), Tomoyuki Homma (NUT), Morimasa Takata (NUT), Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Ilka Weikusat (AWI), Martyn R. Drury (UU), Ernst-Jan N. Kuiper (UU), Gill M. Pennock (UU), Ramona V. Mateiu (DTU), Nobuhiko Azuma (NUT)
固体微粒子が氷の変形・結晶組織変化に及ぼす影響 *繁山航(総研大)、永塚尚子(極地研)、本間智之(長岡技大)、高田守昌(長岡技大)、東久美子(極地研、総研大)、Ilka Weikusat(アルフレッド・ウェゲナー研究所)、Martyn R. Drury(ユトレヒト大)、Ernst-Jan N. Kuiper(ユトレヒト大)、Gill M. Pennock(ユトレヒト大)、Ramona V. Mateiu(デンマーク工科大)、東 信彦(長岡技大)
11:45 - 12:00 Development of melting device for continuous flow analysis of firn core samples -Separation of analysis sample liquid and waste liquid- *Ryota Shiba (NUT), Morimasa Takata (NUT), Seiji Kamimura (NUT), Nobuhiko Azuma (NUT) , Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR, GUAS)
氷床コアフィルン試料の連続融解装置の開発 -分析用融解水と汚染融解水の安定的分離- *司馬遼太(長岡技大大学院)、高田守昌(長岡技大)、上村靖司(長岡技大)、東 信彦(長岡技大)、東久美子(極地研、総研大)
13:00 - 14:00 Poster presentations (Core time)
Place: Entrance Hall (1st floor) at National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR)
Chair: Sumito Matoba (ILTS)
14:00 - 14:15 Shallow ice core drillings on Greenland Ice Sheet - Recent and near future activities by Japanese glaciological research projects - *Sumito Matoba (ILTS, Hokkaido U), Yoshinori Iizuka (ILTS, Hokkaido U), Tetsuhide Yamasaki (AVANGNAQ/Arctic Logistic Corp.), Hideaki Motoyama (NIPR/SOKENDAI), Koji Fujita (Nagoya U), Teruo Aoki (Okayama U), Shin Sugiyama (ILTS, Hokkaido U/ARC, Hokkaido U)
グリーンランド氷床における近年の浅層掘削 *的場澄人(北大低温研)、飯塚芳徳(北大低温研)、山崎哲秀(アバンナット/(一社)北極観測支援機構)、本山秀明(極地研/総研大)、藤田耕史(名古屋大)、青木輝夫(岡山大)、杉山 慎(北大低温研/北大北極域研究センター)
14:15 - 14:30 Evolution processes of the firn structure in polar ice sheets based on analyses of dielectric anisotropy - latest results of analyses for Greenland SE core as a central topic - *Shuji Fujita (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Yoshinori Iizuka (ILTS), Sumito Matoba (ILTS), Atsushi Miyamoto (Hokkaido U) and Takeshi Saito (ILTS)
14:30 - 14:45 Variations of back carbon and dust in Greenland during the past 350 years *Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR)
グリーンランドにおける過去350年間のブラックカーボン及びダストの変動 *東久美子(極地研)
14:45 - 15:00 Variations in mineralogy of dust in an ice core obtained from Northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet *Naoko Nagatsuka (NIPR), Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Hideaki Motoyama (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Sumito Matoba (ILTS), Koji Fujita (Nagoya U), Tetsuhide Yamasaki (Avangnaq), Yukihiko Onuma (Chiba U), Masahiro Minowa (ILTS, Hokkaido U), Yuki Komuro (Yamagata U), Teruo Aoki (Okayama U), Motohiro Hirabayashi (NIPR), and Remi Dallmayr (NIPR)
グリーンランド氷床北西部SIGMA-Dアイスコア中の鉱物組成変動 *永塚尚子(極地研)、東久美子(極地研、総研大)、本山秀明(極地研、総研大)、的場澄人(低温研)、藤田耕史(名古屋大)、山崎哲秀(アバンナット)、大沼友貴彦(千葉大)、箕輪昌紘(低温研、北大)、小室悠紀(山形大)、青木輝夫(岡山大)、平林幹啓(極地研)、Dallmayr Remi(極地研)
15:00 - 15:15 DNA analysis of 470-year-old Pinus pollen grains preserved in a Russian glacier *Fumio Nakazawa (NIPR) , Yoshihisa Suyama (Tohoku Univ.), Satoshi Imura (NIPR) , Hideaki Motoyama (NIPR) , Nozomu Takeuchi (Chiba Univ.), Koji Fujita (Nagoya Univ.), Jun Uetake (NIPR)
ロシアの氷河中に保存されていた470年前のマツ属花粉のDNA分析 *中澤文男(極地研)、陶山佳久(東北大)、伊村 智(極地研)、本山秀明(極地研)、竹内 望(千葉大)、藤田耕史(名古屋大)、植竹 淳(極地研)

Poster presentations (Core time: 13:00 - 14:00)

Place : Entrance Hall (1st floor) at National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR)

IGp1 Methane measurement of ice cores using continuous flow analysis system *Miho Arai (Yamagata U), Kenji Kawamura (NIPR, SOKENDAI, JAMSTEC), Kyotaro Kitamura (NIPR), Kumiko Goto-Azuma (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Jun Ogata (NIPR)
連続融解システムによるアイスコアのメタン分析(性能評価及び初期結果) *荒井美穂(山形大)、川村賢二(極地研、総研大、JAMSTEC)、北村享太郎(極地研)、東久美子(極地研、総研大)、尾形純(極地研)
IGp2 The difference in dislocation density between the glacial and of interglacial ice of the Dome Fuji, Antaractica, investigeted by the X-ray diffractaion measurements *Akira Hori (KIT), Atsushi Miyamoto (Hokkaido U), Yoshinori Iizuka (ILTS)
IGp3 The influence of climate and vegetation change in the LGM upon dust emission, transport and *Ryouta O’ishi (U. Tokyo), Ayako Abe-Ouchi (U. Tokyo), Hideaki Kurose (U. Tokyo)
最終氷期の気候植生条件がダストの発生・輸送・沈着に及ぼす影響 *大石龍太(東大)、阿部彩子(東大)、黒瀬秀明(東大)
IGp4 Impact of glacial ice sheets on the duration of stadial climate *Sam Sherriff-Tadano (AORI), Ayako Abe-Ouchi (AORI)