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Our Polar Collection is one of the best collections in the world

Library Director  Tsuneo ODATE

NIPR Library has one of the best Polar Collections in the world. Our polar collection includes expedition records, essays, and research reports that do not exist in any other library in Japan. The Library also contains many scholarly books and journals written in several languages (Japanese, English, Russian, and so on). These collections included in the Polar Collection can be searched via the NIPR Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).


The Library is located on the ground floor (first floor) of a six-story building. The floor is composed of four areas and one room: the reading area, book area, bound journal area, current journal area, and rare book room. There are reading tables in each area, equipped with power supply. You can use our networked PCs (for study and research purposes) and copy machine. For more information, please visit our website:

Collections (as of April 1, 2016)
Books Japanese 9,878 27,049
Other languages 17,171
Booklet Japanese 1,947 3,560
Other languages 1,613
Bound Journals Japanese 3,595 27,544
Other languages 23,949
Digital Data   9,846 9,846
Total 67,999

The Library publishes two scholarly journals, “Antarctic Record” and “Polar Science”. Articles to be accepted cover all fields of polar science. These journals have a strong reputation internationally.
The Library also publishes “JARE Data Reports” and “NIPR Arctic Data Reports”, which are obtained from Arctic and Antarctic observation. “Antarctic Record”, “JARE Data Reports”, and “NIPR Arctic Data Reports” are available for download (free) from our website:

- Antarctic Record (Japanese and English)
- Polar Science (English) (Distributed for a charge)
- Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research
- JARE Data Reports
- NIPR Arctic Data Reports
- Antarctic Geological Map Series
- Special Map Series

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