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Research Development Office

Our goal is to intensify research activity and output

Director  Satoshi Imura

As an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, the National Institute of Polar Research is required to intensify research activities in a way similar to that of universities. Created in April 2014, the Research Development Office (RDO) has two research administrators who work in close cooperation with the head office of the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS). The RDO aims to reinforce research activities as secretariat of the “Research Strategy Meeting,” which is chaired by the Director General. The RDO will work to strengthen both international research cooperation and publicity, build research strategies, and increase the research budget. The NIPR is characterized by polar observations and related international collaboration, which will be used to the full extent to intensify research and foster the next generation of young scientists.

Project for Promoting the Reinforcement of Research Universities and URAs

From FY 2013, the ROIS is taking part in the “Project for Promoting the Reinforcement of Research Universities,” which aims to enhance the research capabilities of our country through the reinforcement of its research institutions. This project supports reform of the research environment and the securing of human resources for research management. The ROIS has employed University Research Administrators (URAs) as research management personnel, and has established a URA station at the head office (Figure). Two URAs from among the team for supporting research field strengthening at the station are assigned to the NIPR.

Activities of the Research Development Office (RDO)

The RDO is a team comprising two URAs as well as the teaching and administrative staff. One of the URAs has experience with field research in the Arctic, while the other has participated in an Antarctic wintering observational expedition. The RDO is expecting to work closely with researchers. The URAs belong to the URA station and are working on reinforcing research activities to fulfill the ROIS’s 5- and 10-year targets. The RDO is also cooperating with the International Affairs Section and the Arctic Environment Research Center to bolster international collaboration, and with the Public Relations Section to strengthen academic public relations. With URAs, the RDO is serving to connect administrations and researchers.

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