Arctic Environment Research Center

Japan-Russia Workshop on Arctic Research was held.

The workshop (WS) entitled “Japan-Russia Arctic Research Workshop - Toward Future Japan-Russia Cooperation in Arctic Observation and Research –“ was held from October 28 to 30 2014 at Arcadia Ichigaya in Tokyo, Japan. It was organized under the cooperation of National Institute of Polar Research(Tokyo), Russian Academy of Science (Moscow), Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg) and the International Science and Technology Center (Moscow), and supported by the Japan Consortium for Arctic Research (Tokyo). This was based on the statement of the 11th session of the Japan-Russia Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation held in September of 2013, in which to hold a WS on Arctic Research and to strengthen its cooperation between Japan and Russia were recommended.

There were 14 Russian and 53 Japanese participants for WS. After the opening speeches by Mr. Takashi Kiyoura (MEXT, Japan), Dr. Vladimir Pavlenko (RAS, Russia) and Prof. Kazuyuki Shiraishi (NIPR, Japan), 13 theme proposals covering the wide research area from the atmospheric to ecological sciences were presented, and direction of the collaboration were discussed.

In addition to this, proposals on the research infrastructure such as human resource development, research stations, and data archive was discussed. In the meeting large interest was showed by scientists of both countries on the Baranova Station and the research network in the Eastern Siberia region as a important part for cooperation.

For the stronger cooperation between Russia and Japan, it was agreed that continuous discussions by holding workshops were necessary.

The result of the discussions of this WS will be summarized as a report, and will be submitted to the next meeting of Japan-Russia Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation, and will be also distributed to related organizations and researchers.

Photo of the open session (Chairs of the meeting, Drs. V. Pavlenko and T. Ohata)

Group photo of the participants.