Arctic Environment Research Center

Research and Observation

The Arctic is the source region of cooling the planet's atmosphere and oceans. It is intimately linked to the Earth's climate and environment by way of the atmospheric circulation resulting from the temperature gradient between the Arctic and the heat source regions in the lower latitudes and the thermohaline circulation of Earth's oceans driven by deep-water formation. The Arctic is also the most sensitive area on the planet to man-made atmospheric changes such as global warming, ozone depression and acid rain. The Arctic is a key region for.

The global climate and environment, so we pursue on-site observations of air quality, snow and ice, oceans, the terrestrial environment and the upper atmosphere in order to shed light on the actual situation and mechanisms of climactic and environmental change and their impact on ecosystems.

Research Projects

Advanced Scientific Research Project
  • Approaching Earth System Dynamics Through the Past Polar Changes: Reconstruction of Quaternary Polar Environmental and Global Atmospheric Changes with High Accuracy and High Temporal Resolution
Project Research