Strategic Goals

4 Strategic Goals and 11 Research Programs

This project sets following 4 strategic goals to be achieved:

- Strategic Goal 1: Advanced Observation of Arctic Environmental Change
 Research Director: Teruo Aoki (NIPR)

- Strategic Goal 2: Improvement of Weather and Climate Prediction
 Research Director: Hiroyasu Hasumi (JAMSTEC)

- Strategic Goal 3: Impact of Arctic Environmental Change on Society
 Research Director: Shin Sugiyama (Hokkaido Univ.)

- Strategic Goal 4: Legal/Policy Response and Research Implementation for a Sustainable Arctic
 Research Director: Kentaro Nishimoto (NIPR)

Research Programs

In ArCS II, each of 11 research programs will closely contribute not only with their targeted strategic goal but with the other three goals.

Targeted Strategic Goal Field and Principal Investigator (PI) Title
Strategic Goal 1 Atmosphere
PI : Makoto Koike (The University of Tokyo)
Atmospheric Environment and Climate Forcings in the Arctic
PI : Eiji Watanabe (JAMSTEC)
Research and Public Dataset Production on the Arctic Marine Environment
PI : Teruo Aoki (NIPR)
A Changing Cryosphere in a Rapidly Warming Arctic: Properties and Processes
PI : Hideki Kobayashi (JAMSTEC)
Biogeochemical Cycling in the Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystem, Permafrost and Periglacial Regions
Strategic Goal 2 Teleconnection
PI : Meiji Honda (Niigata University)
Teleconnections and the Predictability of Weather and Climate
Climate Prediction
PI : Hiroyasu Hasumi (The University of Tokyo)
Weather and Climate Prediction and Its Technological Improvement
Strategic Goal 3 Human Society
PI : Hiroki Takakura (Tohoku University)
Human Security, Energy and Food in the Arctic under Climate Change
Arctic Sea Routes
PI : Akihisa Konno (Kogauin University)
Sustainable Arctic Sea Routes in a Rapidly Changing Environment
Coastal Environments
PI : Shin Sugiyama (Hokkaido University)
Arctic Coastal Change and Its Impact on Society
Strategic Goal 4 International Law
PI : Akiho Shibata (Kobe University)
Designing Resilient International Legal Regimes for a Sustainable Arctic and the Contribution of Japan
International Relations
PI : Fujio Ohnishi (Hokkaido University)
Elucidating the Complex Dynamics of Arctic Politics and Its Contribution to Japan’s Arctic Policy