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We will promote two Priority Subjects in ArCS II: Capacity Building and Research Promotion, first of all, and Strategic Dissemination of Arctic Information.

  • For Priority Subject 1, we will step up capacity building of early career researchers and research capabilities of the whole Arctic research community.
  • For Priority Subject 2, we will disseminate the academic knowledge obtained through this project to society and stakeholders in a timely and easy-to-understand manner through a newly built web platform for providing information that contributes to social implementations.

Priority Subject 1 : Capacity Building and Research Promotion
Priority Subject 1

The capacity building of early career researchers who will play a key role in future Arctic research projects and resolving a range of Arctic-related issues is an urgent challenge in Japan’s Arctic policy, centered on research and development, international cooperation, and sustainable use. In this Priority Subject 1, we aim to develop capacity building for early career researchers by sending them to overseas Arctic research institutes, in order to gain experiences in overseas exchanges, including collaborative observations and international discussions.

Through the systematic and continuous such efforts, we aim to strengthen the research capabilities of the research organizations involved.

This subject will also contribute to the project’s goal by soliciting proposals on urgent and/or challenging research topics that complement the Strategic Goals, in light of dynamically developing international trends in Arctic research.

image Priority Subject 1

International Research Exchange Program

We will promote multi-year systematic exchanges of researchers, not on an individual basis, but between laboratories/research groups at universities and other research institutions in Japan and those in major overseas Arctic research institutes.

This will contribute to building sustainable international research collaboration and an international network of researchers, which will, even after the program is completed, strengthen the capabilities of the whole Arctic research community as well as develop stable career paths for early career researchers.

Overseas Fellowship Program

In addition to providing opportunities for early career researchers and graduate students to pursue their research projects abroad, we will also support presentation and information gathering at international conferences by staff members in industrial and governmental sectors during their stay at overseas institutions.

The goal of the program is to support voluntary and autonomous young applicants to build their capacities overseas who are eligible to play key roles in international arenas for the Arctic issues.

Priority Subject 2 : Strategic Dissemination of Arctic Information
Priority Subject 2

The Subject 2 is to provide domestic and international stakeholders with the latest scientific knowledge and research findings, such as the present and future projection of the Arctic environment, its social impact, and legal policy responses to assist in the establishment of international regulations, that were obtained through Research Programs conducted under the four Strategic Goals. This will finally contribute to the Project’s Goal by providing an information infrastructure to support social implementation trials. To achieve this objective, we will pursue the following four initiatives:

Image Priority Subject 2

Arctic Environmental Information Website

We will develop and operate a portal site that will work for Japan’s comprehensive information platform on the Arctic issues.

This website will collect and disseminate information on the progress and research findings from the ArCS II project, the latest findings and news on the Arctic from all over the world, as well as provide the latest information on Arctic-related legal policy and economic trends to a variety of stakeholders from an integrated, comprehensive perspective.

Arctic Sea Ice Information Center

Arctic Sea Ice Information Center will further improve the dissemination of midterm Arctic sea ice forecast produced under the ArCS project.

To provide midterm and short-term Arctic sea ice forecast, short-term wave forecast (Strategic Goal 2), and hazard mapping of oil spill in ice-covered sea and navigation simulation (Strategic Goal 3), we will operate the Center as an information hub for stakeholders in close collaboration with the Strategic Goals and Research Programs.

We will prepare and disseminate forecast information critical for the use of Arctic sea routes to stakeholders, review its effectiveness, and provide feedbacks to researchers in order to develop a quick and efficient method for social implementation.

Promotion of Education and Outreach

In order to communicate the latest knowledge and information on the Arctic climate and environmental changes to adults and the younger generation, we will promote diverse education and outreach activities to make more people get interested in global environmental issues including the Arctic.

Dispatch of Experts and Provision of Information to/Dialog with Policymakers

We will send experts to the Arctic Council (AC) and other specialist meetings and working groups to gather and disseminate the latest information related to the Arctic region. The researchers of International Politics and Policy Dialogue Working Group will analyze information in order to regularly deliver feedback to policy makers.

By providing timely information and advice from this project as a think-tank for the Arctic issues, we will eventually contribute to the formulation of Japan’s Arctic policy.