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Dissemination of Research Outcomes

Utilizing Research results to return something back to society

NIPR holds symposia, research workshops and public lectures for researchers and the general public and produces publications in a range of fields pertaining to polar science.


NIPR began hosting the interdisciplinary Symposium on Polar Science in 2010 in an effort to communicate polar sciene research results worldwide. This symposium is held concurrently with the annual symposia on Antarctic Meteorites, Space and Upper Atmospheric Sciences, Polar Meteorology and Glaciology, Polar Geosciences and Polar Biology to discuss the situation surrounding the latest research and field activities in these disciplines. NIPR also hosts the Symposium on Antarctic Facilities, where proposals concerning Antarctic research base operations are issued and discussed (Topics include natural energy, the environment, information and communications, inland bases, transportation etc.).
Furthermore, NIPR sponsored the Final Symposium on the GRENE Arctic Climate Change Research Project.

Research Workshops

As part of its efforts to promote polar science research, NIPR holds research workshops to examine research policies, methodologies and results. In FY2016, the Institute plans to issue a public call for research on 19 topics and hold workshops for each.

Research Roundtable Discussions

NIPR is constantly striving to hold discussions on polar science research. To deepen mutual understanding among a variety of disciplines, NIPR holds roundtable discussions where experts from both inside and outside the Institute can present research outcomes and deliberate topics they are working on. 26 sessions were held in FY2015.

Public Lectures and Science Cafe

In conjunction with Tachikawa City, NIPR hosts a public lecture called the "Polar Science Research Series". Six lectures are scheduled for FY2016.
Science Cafe is an event for the general public. Researchers give easy talks on their latest research and topics. Four sessions are scheduled for FY2016.

Science Database

The compiled metadata include several kinds of observed data, such as long-term monitoring from IGY period (1957-58), short-term project, corrected by both Arctic and Antarctic regions including JARE activities.

Academic Publications

KYOKUCHIKEN Library' series (Only in Japanese)

There is many kinds of publications issued/edited by NIPR, including but not limited to academic articles, on a wide range of research topics.

Participants at the Symposium on Polar Science

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