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Collaborative Research

Project Title
Principal Investigator
Fundamental Advanced Research Project
KP401 Space and Upper Atmospheric Sciences Group The study of environmental variation of solar-terrestrial system based on comprehensive space and upper/middle atmosphere observations and simulation in the polar region Masaki TSUTSUMI
KP402 Meteorology and Glaciology Group Clarify the present, past, and future global environment through polar research Shuji FUJITA
KP403 Geoscience Group Study on evolution and change of solid Earth and planets in the polar regions Tomokazu HOKADA
KP404 Bioscience Group Advances in polar biology for a comprehensive understanding of polar ecosystems Sakae KUDOH
Collaboration Project
KC401 Center for Antarctic Programs Comprehensive research on the Antarctic associated with global climate changes Satoshi IMURA
KC402 Arctic Environment Research Center Toward new development in Arctic research Teruo AOKI
Special Research Project
KZ41 Medical Science Health management and medical research in extreme Antarctic environment Shinji OTANI
(Tottori University)
KZ42 Polar Engineering Group Review of engineering research, study of infrastructure and unmanned measurement systems in the polar region Satoshi IMURA
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