5-year Integrated Doctoral Program
Guide to entrance exams
(for undergraduate degree holders)

Applicants wishing to enroll in the Department of Polar Science should carefully check the outline of the department, offered subjects and details of the education and research conducted by the academic staff of the department, as presented in student application guidelines and in the pamphlets and web sites of the department. In addition, we strongly recommend that before submitting applications, applicants consult with the supervising academics they are interested in working with regarding the research they wish to pursue after enrolment.

※Student application guidelines will be published after late August 2022

Application acceptance period

Mid-September to early October, 2022

※The above dates are subject to change

Exam dates

Late October to early November, 2022

※The above dates are subject to change

Required application documents

Admission application, examination fee (30,000 yen), academic records, photos (2), certificate of university graduation (or anticipated graduation), reasons for enrolment form, English score (TOEIC L&R Official Score Certificate or TOEFL-iBT Test Taker Score Report), etc.

Selection process

Selection for admission is based on assessment of submitted documents, personal interview and written exams. Written exams are held on the first day of the exam period; interviews are conducted on the second day. Exams are conducted in Japanese.

(1) Document screening and personal interview assessment

This assessment is done by means of reasons for enrolment form (attached form 2), documents that indicate academic abilities such as essays and reports, academic records for undergraduate or other studies and personal interviews.

In the reasons for enrolment form, please respond to the following three items in a total of approximately 2 000 characters (Japanese). (1) What are your reasons for wishing to study in this department? (2) What kind of research are you interested in? (3) How do you think your knowledge and skills can be utilized in your research? In the personal interview, applicants are asked to explain why they wish to enroll in the department in a question and answer session. The total duration of interviews is expected to be approximately 20 minutes, including questions and answers.

(2) Written exams

Written exams are given to test short essay writing and knowledge of specialized subjects.

The exam on specialized subjects contains three questions from each of four fields: physics, chemistry, biology and Earth science, for a total of 12 questions. Applicants must answer three out of the 12 questions. They can choose to answer three questions from a single field or three questions from multiple different fields. Exams are 60 minutes for short essay, and 120 minutes for specialized subjects.

Criteria for assessing entrance exams

Whether an applicant passes or fails the admission selection process is determined by a comprehensive evaluation of the results of document screening, personal interview and written exams.

Inquiries on the above matters and requests for student application guidelines

Graduate Student Affairs Team General Affairs Division (NIPR)
National Institute of Polar Research10-3,Midoricho,Tachikawa,Tokyo 190-8518,Japan