Student life

Enrolment fee and tuition fee

Enrolment fee 282,000 yen
Tuition fee 535,800 (annual)

* Total-fee and half-fee exemptions are available for enrolment fee and tuition fee (by selection).

Scholarship system

For outstanding students (in terms of both personal qualities and academic performance) who face difficulty in pursuing studies for financial reasons, a scholarship loan system is available (Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarships and scholarships provided by private and public bodies).

Research assistants

In accordance with the research assistant scheme of the National Institute of Polar Science (NIPR), which is the supporting institute of the Department of Polar Science, students can be engaged in research projects undertaken by NIPR. Research assistants are paid in compensation for the involvement in research work.

Travel required for student research activities

When students participate in academic conferences as part of their research supervision, or when they need to conduct field work, they are eligible to receive payment to cover their travel expenses, subject to the approval of their research supervisors.

In addition, students cooperating in research work are sometimes sent to work at Japanese or overseas destinations, with funds covered by grants-in-aid for scientific research of NIPR academic staff or project research expenses provided by NIPR.

Student counseling

Harassment counseling

NIPR, to which belongs the Department of Polar Science, offers harassment counselors to provide counseling as necessary. Naturally, students of Department of Polar Science can make use of this service.

Mental health counseling

The Department of Polar Science provides a mental health counselor (one medical doctor) to serve the needs of department students.

Student life counseling

The Department of Polar Science makes available student life counselors (four secretaries of the department committee of the Department of Polar Science) for consultations regarding education-related matters.

Academic advisor

SOKENDAI makes available an adviser (an academic from outside the university) to advise students on combining academic study and work.

Procedures relating to administrative matters and issuing of certificates

While enrolled, students may need to perform various kinds of application and notification processes, relating, for example, to changes in status or enrolment. If your enrolment status changes, please undertake the necessary administrative procedures as soon as possible.

Certificates of school attendance, and other kinds of certifications can be issued on request. Apply to have the required certificate issued as necessary, in accordance with prescribed procedures.

For detailed information on procedures for having certificates issues, see the pages below.
Current students:

Student Handbook (Web version)

The Student Handbook provides detailed information about SOKENDAI student life and registration procedures.