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NIPR in number

As of April 2018

The national Institute of Polar Research established
September 29, 1973
At 1-9-10 Kaga Itabashi-ward Tokyo

Number of employees 259

Faculty/researcher 85
Administers/engineers 174
(As of September 1, 2017)

SOKENDAI has become base research organization April, 1993
Department of Polar Science in the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, School of Multidisciplinary Science
Number of enrolled students 20 (As of April 1, 2017)
Polar Science Museum
Opened on July 24, 2010
Total number of the visitors 216,916 (As of October 31, 2017)
Open house of NIPR 2017
Number of the visitors 1,982
It was held on August 5, 2017
The Seventh Polar Science Symposium
Was held for November 29-December 19, 2016
Participants 479 (includes oversea 39 participants)
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