Registration and abstract submission

After reading the description below, please choose one of the registration forms at the bottom of this page to submit your registration. Thank you.

Before your abstract submission, please enter your login information on the “Registration Form” at the bottom of this page.

After completion of the registration, please login to the “Abstract Submission” form and submit your abstract. For abstract preparation, please refer to the Guideline for Creating Abstracts.

If you intend to submit multiple abstracts, you are required to submit for each (however, you need not register for each).


Deadline for Registration and abstract submission is 12:00 JST on 4th September 2015.
(JST=UTC+9hours, i.e., it is 03:00 UT on 4th September.)

*Application for abstract submission and travel support has been closed.
*Deadline for pre-registration for participation is November 16th.

Outline of the sessions (tentative)

Date Time Sessions
16 Nov (Mon.) AM OS OB OM OG OA
Joint Party
Joint Party
OM Party OG&OA
Joint Party
17 Nov (Tue.) AM IM OB IG OA
Eve Symposium Banquet
18 Nov (Wed.) AM S
Eve Evening Session on "Long-term Plan for Arctic Environmental Research"
S&IA Joint Party
19 Nov (Thur.) AM IA IB2
Special session:
Interdisciplinary sessions:
Ordinary sessions:

Sub-sessions below are subject to change.

Symposium banquet and parties

Symposium banquet :
On the evening of 17 November, the NIPR will host an informal buffet-style banquet at the Tachikawa Grand Hotel. All symposium participants are welcome to attend.
Entrance fee for the banquet is 3,000 yen (1,500 yen for students)

Session parties:
On the evenings of the 16 and 18 November, some session conveners will host small, informal buffet-style parties with drinks and food after the afternoon session.
Entrance fee for the parties is to be decided.

Guideline for creating abstracts

*The abstract format for the Antarctic meteorites session (OA) is different from that of other sessions. The sample abstract below should be used.

  • The abstract should be a PDF file no longer than two pages on an A4 sheet, including figures, tables, and references. File size of the abstract must be less than 10MB. Please submit your abstract using the form below.
  • Please download the following sample abstract file (MS Word, OpenOffice, and PDF files) for creating your abstract. Be sure to submit your abstract file after converting it to (or saving it as) a PDF file (if necessary) . Name of the PDF file is arbitrary.
  • Margin
    Upper margin: 20 mm
    Lower margin : 20 mm
    Right margin: 15 mm
    Left margin : 15 mm
  • Space between lines is fixed 14-point (approximately 4.9 mm)
  • Font : Times New Roman
  • Font size
    Title is 12-point Bold
    Author list is 10-point
    Organization list is 10-point italic
    Main text is 10-point
  • Insert a blank line between title and authors, and between organization and main text.

Note: Abstracts will be available to the public via the symposium website.

Abstract Sample Files

  Name Size Comment
Abstract samples (General except for Antarctic meteorites session) Sample.doc 47K MS-Word
Sample.pdf 23K PDF
Abstract samples (Antarctic Meteorites) OA_Sample.doc 26K MS-Word
OA_Sample.pdf 9K PDF

** IMPORTANT ** If you use a file other than PDF, you must convert it to (or save it as) a PDF file.

Other Information

If you do not have software to convert your documents to PDF files, there are several ways to do so, even via free software such as OpenOffice, PrimoPDF, and PDFCreator. See the following websites:

Registration and abstract submission form

Please register using the following form.

*Application for abstract submission and travel support has been closed.
*Deadline for pre-registration for participation is November 16th.

Registration form

Participants who wish to present paper(s) should prepare and submit their abstract PDF file using the "Abstract Submission” form below (one submission for each presentation required).

Abstract submission form

Review of the abstract submissions

After the deadline of the abstract submission, the symposium organizing committee will review all of the submitted abstracts in the light of the purport of the symposium. Notification of acceptance (or not) for the abstracts will be sent via e-mail in September. In case an abstract is reviewed as not suitable for the symposium, such an abstract will be not accepted. For those who will not give any presentation in the symposium, travel expense (see the page of Registration form for details) will not be supported.