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[OB] Polar Biology
[OB] 極域生物圏

This session covers the following research topics.
•Polar Marine Ecosystems -from biogeochemistry to apex predators
•Polar Terrestrial Ecosystem -diversity and biological response

Convener : Sakae Kudoh (NIPR)


コンビーナ:工藤 栄(国立極地研究所)

Oral presentations (10:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:30)

Date : Mon. 16 Nov.
Note : This session will be continued on Tuesday.
Place : 3F Seminar room #1 D305, Institute of Statistics and Mathematics
口頭発表会場:  統計数理研究所 セミナー室1(D305)

Session title: Avian Navigation and Migration
Chair : Kozue Shiomi (NiPR)
10:00 - 10:40 Avian Navigation in Polar Regions Susanne Å kesson (CAnMove, Lund University)
10:40 - 11:05 A new method to reveal animal orientation in flow: estimating air velocity and wind velocity only from tracking data *Yusuke Goto (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo), Ken Yoda (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University),Katsufumi Sato (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
流体中における動物のナビゲーション能力を解明する:対地速度ベクトルから対気速度ベクトルと風ベクトルを推定する新手法 *後藤佑介(東京大学大気海洋研究所)、依田 憲(名古屋大学大学院環境学研究科)、佐藤克文(東京大学大気海洋研究所)
11:05 - 11:30 Disentangling the migration phases during the non-breeding period reveals uneven carry-over effects to the subsequent breeding in a diving seabird *Jean-Baptiste Thiebot (NIPR), Motohiro Ito (NIPR), Nobuhiko Sato (NIPR), Yuya Suzuki (Hokkaido University), Yutaka Watanuki (Hokkaido University), Akinori Takahashi (NIPR)
11:30 - 11:55 Migration ranges in birds: effects of body size, phylogeny, and flight type Yuuki Watanabe (NIPR)
鳥の渡りの距離を決める要因は何か? 渡辺佑基(極地研)
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Break
Session title : Japan-Australia and Umitaka maru collaboration studies in Antarctic Ocean
Chair : Tsuneo Odate (NiPR), Masato Moteki (TUMSAT), So Kawaguchi (ADD)
座長:小達恒夫(極地研)、茂木正人(海洋大)、川口 創(豪南極局)
14:00 - 14:30 Micro- and meso-zooplankton communities in the seasonal ice zone of the Southern Ocean *Kunio T. Takahashi (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Motoha Ojima (SOKENDAI), Atsushi Tanimura (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Masato Moteki (TUMSAT, NIPR), Graham W. Hosie (SCAR), and Tsuneo Odate (NIPR, SOKENDAI)
南極海季節海氷域における小型動物プランクトン群集 *高橋邦夫(極地研・総研大)、小島本葉(総研大)、谷村 篤(極地研・総研大)、茂木正人(海洋大・極地研)、グラハム・ホージー(SCAR)、小達恒夫(極地研・総研大)
14:30 - 15:00 Feeding patterns and gonadal maturation of zooplankton in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean *Kerrie Swadling (ACE CRC), Jake Wallis (IMAS), Paige Kelly (IMAS), Aurelie Guillou (IMAS), Jessica Melvin (IMAS), Ruth Eriksen (IMAS)
15:00 - 15:30 Ecosystem complexity on the Kerguelen Axis: the need for integrated ecosystem studies and sustained coordinated monitoring *Andrew Constable (AAD), So Kawaguchi (AAD), Jess Melbourne-Thomas (AAD)
15:30 - 16:00 Mesoscale eddies and its impacts on the spatial distribution of phytoplankton in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean *Kohei Mizobata (TUMSAT), Takahiro Iida (HU), Masato Moteki (TUMSAT)
南大洋インド洋セクターにおける中規模渦と植物プランクトン分布への影響 *溝端浩平(海洋大院)、飯田高大(北大水産)、茂木正人(海洋大院)
16:00 - 16:30 Successful Australia-Japan collaboration and student mentoring *So Kawaguchi (AAD, ACE-CRC), Tsuneo Odate (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Masato Moteki (TUMSAT, SOKENDAI)

Link to the OB session program of Tuesday.

Poster presentations (Core time: 16:30 - 18:00)

Place : Entrance Hall (1st floor) at National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR)

OBp1 Changes in foraging depth trigger diurnal cycles of swim speed in northern elephant seals *Taiki Adachi (NiPR), Patrick W. Robinson (University of California, Santa Cruz), Sarah H. Peterson (University of California, Santa Cruz), Daniel P. Costa (University of California, Santa Cruz), Yasuhiko Naito (NiPR) and Akinori Takahashi (NiPR)
OBp2 Detailed foraging behavior of Adelie penguins from Adelie Land, East Antarctica, revealed by video and accelerometry loggers *Kentaro Ito (SOKENDAI), Jean-Baptiste Thiebot (NIPR), Thierry Raclot (IPHC), Timothee Poupart (IPHC), Yan Ropert-Coudert (CEBC), Akinori Takahashi (SOKENDAI, NIPR)
OBp3 Do present foraging success by adult themselves or by pairs affect foraging site selection *Motohiro Ito (NIPR), Yukihisa Kogure (Univ Tokyo), Katsufumi Sato (Univ Tokyo), Akinori Takahashi (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Francis Daunt (CEH)
ヨーロッパヒメウの採餌場所選択に自身と番相手の餌獲得量が影響するか? *伊藤元裕(極地研)、小暮潔央(東大)、佐藤克文(東大)、高橋晃周(極地研・総研大)、Francis Daunt(CEH)
OBp4 Foraging areas of chinstrap penguins associate with a seamount in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica *Nobuo Kokubun (NIPR/SOKENDAI), Won Young Lee (KOPRI), Jeong Hoon Kim (KOPRI), Akinori Takahashi (NIPR/SOKENDAI)
キングジョージ島に生息するヒゲペンギンがよく訪れている海山 *國分亙彦(極地研・総研大)、李元榮(韓国極地研)、金政勲(韓国極地研)、高橋晃周(極地研・総研大)
OBp5 Do seabirds mated for life synchronize their migration timing and at-sea activity outside the breeding period? Tracking movement and behavior of Rhinoceros auklet pairs during the non-breeding and pre-laying periods *Aina Kubo (Hokkaido university), Jean-Baptiste Thiebot (NIPR), Yutaka Watanuki (Hokkaido university), Akinori Takahashi (NIPR)
非繁殖期および産卵前期におけるウトウのペアの移動と着水行動 *久保愛奈(北大院水)、Jean-Baptiste Thiebot(極地研)、綿貫 豊(北大院水)、高橋晃周(極地研)
OBp6 Seasonal changes in plasma steroid hormones and blood biochemistry associated with breeding and molting in captive northern rockhopper penguins Eudyptes moseleyi *Ui Shimabukuro (Gifu University, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Saori Yamamoto (Gifu University), Satoshi Kusuda (Gifu University), Ryoko Hagino (Oga Aquarium), Koji Ono (Oga Aquarium), Miyuki Takahashi (Oga Aquarium), Syunpei Tomita (Oga Aquarium), Motomi Ishizuka (Oga Aquarium), Osamu Doi (Gifu University)
雌雄キタイワトビペンギンにおける血中のステロイドホルモン値と血液生化学値を指標とした繁殖と換羽の生理学的研究 *島袋羽衣(岐阜大学応用生物科学部、総合研究大学院大学)、山本彩織(岐阜大学応用生物科学部)、楠田哲士(岐阜大学応用生物科学部)、萩野涼子(男鹿水族館)、大野晃治(男鹿水族館)、高橋深雪(男鹿水族館)、富田峻平(男鹿水族館)、石塚素美(男鹿水族館)、土井 守(岐阜大学応用生物科学部)
OBp7 Diel shifts of swim speeds in king penguins: low swimming speed at night for prey searching and efficient travelling *Kozue Shiomi (NiPR), Katsufumi Sato (AORI), Yves Handrich (CNRS), and Charles-A. Bost (CEBC-CNRS)
キングペンギンの遊泳速度に見られる日周変化 *塩見こずえ(極地研)、佐藤克文(東大大海研)、Yves Handrich(CNRS)、Charles-A. Bost(CEBC-CNRS)
OBp8 Foraging and fasting in the annual cycle of Adelie penguins *Akinori Takahashi (NIPR), Motohiro Ito (NIPR), Yuuki Watanabe (NIPR)
OBp9 Occurrence and abundance of Clione limacina and Limacina helicina in coastal waters at Mombetsu in the Okhotsk Sea *Seiji Katakura and Soshi Hamaoka (City of Mombetsu)
オホーツク海沿岸におけるClione limacina およびLimacina helicinaの出現時期 *片倉靖次・濱岡莊司(紋別市役所)
OBp10 Population dynamics of Pseudocalanus newmani in the coastal area of southwestern Okhotsk Sea *Mitsuaki Kitamura (Graduate School of Bioindustry, Tokyo University of Agriculture), Yoshizumi Nakagawa (Faculty of Bioindustry, Tokyo University of Agriculture), Yasuto Nishino (Faculty of Bioindustry, Tokyo University of Agriculture), Susumu Segawa (Faculty of Bioindustry, Tokyo University of Agriculture), Akihiro Shiomoto (Faculty of Bioindustry, Tokyo University of Agriculture)
オホーツク海南西部沿岸域におけるPseudocalanus newmaniの個体群動態 *北村充彰(東農大)、中川至純(東農大)、西野康人(東農大)、瀬川 進(東農大)、塩本明弘(東農大)
OBp11 Abundance and distribution of euphausiid species in the southwestern Okhotsk Sea in spring and summer *Yoshizumi Nakagawa (TUA), Hiromi Kasai (HNFRI), Yasuto Nishino (TUA)
OBp12 Ecology and hydrography of sea ice and the water column in Lagoon Notoro-ko during frozen periods in 2008 and 2012 *Yasuto Nishino (TUA), Yoshizumi Nakagawa (TUA) and Mitsuaki Kitamura (TUA)
2008年と2012年の結氷期の能取湖における海氷と水柱の環境動態 *西野康人(東農大)、中川至純(東農大)、北村充彰(東農大)
OBp13 Seasonal variations in abundance of pico- and nano-plankton in Lagoon Notoro-ko adjacent to the southwestern Okhotsk Sea *Takeshi Sugino, Yoshizumi Nakagawa, Yasuto Nishino, Susumu Segawa, Akihiro Shiomoto (TUA)
南西部オホーツク海沿岸の海跡湖能取湖におけるピコ・ナノプランクトン群集の季節変化 *杉野 豪、中川至純、西野康人、瀬川 進、塩本明弘(東農大)
OBp14 Community composition of ice algae and phytoplankton in the marginal ice zone *Yuta Yamaoka (TUMSAT), Naho MiyazakI (TUMSAT), Ryosuke Makabe (NIPR), Tsuneo Odate (NIPR), Ayaka Takimoto (TUMSAT), Hidekazu SuzukI (TUMSAT) and Masato MotekI (TUMSAT)
氷縁に出現する微細藻類群集 *山岡佑多(海洋大)、宮崎奈穂(海洋大)、真壁竜介(極地研)、小達恒夫(極地研)、滝本彩佳(海洋大)、鈴木秀和(海洋大)、茂木正人(海洋大)
OBp15 The variability of small animal assemblage within drifting pack ice in the marginal ice zone of the Antarctic Ocean *Motoha Ojima (SOKENDAI), Kunio T. Takahashi (SOKENDAI, NiPR), Naho Miyazaki (TUMSAT), Masato Moteki (TUMSAT), Takahiro Iida (Hokudai), Atsushi Tanimura (SOKENDAI, NiPR), Tsuneo Odate (SOKENDAI, NiPR)
南極海氷縁域における浮氷内動物群集組成 *小島本葉(総研大)、高橋邦夫(総研大・極地研)、宮崎奈穂(海洋大)、茂木正人(海洋大)、飯田高大(北大)、谷村 篤(総研大・極地研)、小達恒夫(総研大・極地研)
OBp16 The vertical distribution and abundance of copepod nauplius  around the marginal ice zone along 110°E in the Antarctic Ocean *Hajime Izumida (TUMSAT) , Hisae Sakurai (NIPR) , Kunio T.Takahashi (NIPR,SOKENDAI) , Masato Moteki (TUMSAT,NIPR) , Ryusuke Makabe (NIPR,SOKENDAI) , Atsushi Tanimura (NIPR,SOKENDAI) , Tuneo Odate (NIPR,SOKENDAI) , Mitsuo Fukuchi (NIPR,SOKENDAI)
南極海氷縁域におけるカイアシ類ノープリウス幼生の鉛直分布 *泉田 基(海洋大)、櫻井久恵(極地研)、高橋邦夫(極地研・総研大)、茂木正人(海洋大・極地研)、真壁竜介(極地研・総研大)、谷村 篤(極地研・総研大)、小達恒夫(極地研・総研大)、福地光男(極地研・総研大)
OBp17 Comparison of abundance and biomass of dominant copepods around the marginal ice zone along the 110°E in the Antarctic Ocean *Hiromasa Kamata (TUMSAT), Hisae Sakurai (NIPR), Kunio T. Takahashi (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Masato Moteki (TUMSAT, NIPR), Ryusuke Makabe (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Atsushi Tanimura (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Tsuneo Odate (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Mitsuo Fukuchi (NIPR)
南極海氷縁域におけるカイアシ類優占種の生物量比較 *鎌田寛正(海洋大)、櫻井久惠(極地研)、高橋邦夫(極地研・総研大)、茂木正人(海洋大・極地研)、真壁竜介(極地研・総研大)、谷村 篤(極地研・総研大)、小達恒夫(極地研・総研大)、福地光男(極地研)
OBp18 Factors leading to differences in water availability and photosynthetic activity of High Arctic lichens *Takeshi Inoue, Sakae Kudoh (NIPR), Masaki Uchida (NIPR), Yukiko Tanabe (NIPR), Masakane Inoue (Akita Univ.), Hiroshi Kanda (NIPR)
OBp19 A comparative study of the phenology of Racomitrium lanuginosum in two distinct habitats *Fumino Maruo (SOKENDAI), Satoshi Imura (SOKENDAI, NIPR)
異なる生育地におけるシモフリゴケのフェノロジー特性 *丸尾文乃(総研大)、伊村 智(総研大・極地研)
OBp20 Genetic diversity of Melampsora on Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard, Norway *Shota Masumoto (NIPR), Motoaki Tojo (Osaka Pref. Univ.), Satoshi Imura (NIPR, SOKENDAI), Masaki Uchida (NIPR, SOKENDAI)
スピッツベルゲン島におけるMelampsora属菌の遺伝的多様性 *増本翔太(極地研)、東條元昭(大阪府大)、伊村 智(極地研・総研大)、内田雅己(極地研・総研大)
OBp21 Estimation of CO2 fluxes in a high Arctic moss tundra *Masaki Uchida (NIPR), Mitsuru Hirota (U. Tsukuba), Ayaka W. Kishimoto-Mo (NIAES), Hiroshi Kanda (NIPR), Noriko Oura (NIAES), Yasuo Iimura (U. Shiga Pref.), Shota Masumoto (NIPR), Takayuki Nakatsubo (Hiroshima U.)
高緯度北極のコケツンドラにおけるCO2フラックスの推定 *内田雅己(極地研)、廣田充(筑波大)、岸本(莫)文紅(農環研)、神田啓史(極地研)、大浦典子(農環研)、飯村康夫(滋賀県立大)、増本翔太(極地研)、中坪孝之(広島大)
OBp22 Bacterial diversity in tropical glacier and glacier foreland in Uganda : Glacier ecosystem influence soil formation in glacier foreland *Jun Uetake (Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center, National Institute of Polar Research), Takahiro Segawa (Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center, National Institute of Polar Research), Samyn Denis (Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium), Hideaki Motoyama (National Institute of Polar Research)
OBp23 Molecular analyses on lichenized fungi and photobionts in extreme environments Yuko Kusama (SOKENDAI), Akinori Kawamata (Ehime Prefectural Science Museum), Satoshi Imura (SOKENDAI,NIPR)
極域の地衣類における地衣菌と共生藻の分子系統解析 草間裕子(総研大)、川又明徳(愛媛県総合科学博物館)、伊村 智(総研大、国立極地研究所)
OBp24 Bacterial and Archaeal community structures in glacial freshwater lake Yukidori-Ike, Antarctica *Aoi Chaya (Soka Univ), Akinori Kawamata (Ehime Prefectural Science Museum), Satoshi Imura (NIPR), and Norio Kurosawa (Soka Univ)
南極淡水氷河湖雪鳥池におけるバクテリアおよびアーキアの群集構造 *茶屋 葵(創価大)、川又明徳(愛媛県総合科学博物館)、伊村 智(極地研)、黒沢則夫(創価大)
OBp25 Holocene paleolimnological changes in Rundvågshetta lakes of the Soya Kaigan in East Antarctica *Genki I. Matsumoto (Otsuma Women’s Univ), Eisuke Honda (Otsuma Women’s Uni), Keisuke Ito (Otsuma Women’s Univ), Koji Seto (Shimane U), Yukinori Tani(Shizuoka U), Ijin Kang(Kyushu U), Kaoru Kashima(Kyushu U), Shuji Ohtan (Shimane U),Takahiro Watanabe (JAEA), Toshiro Yamanaka (Okayama U), Toshio Nakamura (Nagoya U) and Satoshi Imura (NiPR)
完新世における東南極宗谷海岸のRundvågshetta湖沼の古陸水学的変遷 *井上源喜、本多英介、伊東敬祐(大妻女子大)、瀬戸浩二(島根大)、谷 幸則(静岡大)、姜 怡辰、鹿島 薫(九大)、大谷修司(島根大)、渡邊隆広(原研)、山中寿朗(岡山大)、中村俊夫(名大)、伊村 智(極地研)
OBp26 Reconstruction of paleoenvironmental changes at coastal freshwater lakes along the Soya Kaigan (Coast), Antarctica, using modern and fossil diatom assemblages *Ijin Kang (Kyushu Univ.), Kaoru Kashima (Kyushu Univ.), Koji Seto (Shimane Univ.), Yukinori TanI (Univ. Shizuoka), Genki I. Matsumoto (Otsuma Women’s Univ.), Eisuke Honda (Otsuma Women’s Univ.), Keisuke Ito (Otsuma Women’s Univ.), Shuji OhtanI (Shimane Univ.), Takahiro Watanabe (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Toshiro Yamanaka (Okayama Univ.), Toshio Nakamura (Nagoya Univ.), Megumu Tsujimoto (NIPR) and Satoshi Imura (NIPR)
現生・化石珪藻群集を用いた南極宗谷海岸の沿岸淡水湖における古環境復元 *姜 怡辰(九州大)、鹿島 薫(九州大)、瀬戸浩二(島根大)、谷 幸則(静岡県立大)、井上源喜(大妻女子大)、本田英介(大妻女子大)、伊東敬祐(大妻女子大)、大谷修司(島根大)、渡邊隆広(日本原子力研究開発機構)、山中寿朗(岡山大)、中村俊夫(名古屋大)、辻本 惠(極地研)、伊村 智(極地研)
OBp27 Proteolytic bacteria isolated from freshwater lakes in Antarctica Mihoko Matsui (Soka Univ.), Akinori Kawamata (Ehime Pref. Sci. Museum), Makiko Kosugi (Chuo Univ.), Satoshi Imura (NIPR), Norio Kurosawa (Soka Univ.)
南極淡水湖からの低温活性プロテアーゼ産生菌の分離と同定 松井美保子(創価大学)、川又明徳(愛媛県総合科学博物館)、小杉真貴子(中央大学)、伊村 智(国立極地研究所)、黒沢則夫(創価大学)
OBp28 Abundance, richness, and succession of microfungi in relation to chemical changes in Antarctic moss profiles Takashi Osono (Kyoto Univ.), Dai Hirose (Nihon Univ.), Satoru Hobara (Rakuno Gakuen Univ.), Yukiko Tanabe (NIPR), Masaki Uchida (NIPR), Sakae Kudoh (NIPR)
南極コケ層における微小菌類の菌糸量・種多様性・遷移と化学変化 大園享司(京大)、広瀬 大(日大)、保原 達(酪農学園大)、田邊優貴子(極地研)、内田雅己(極地研)、工藤 栄(極地研)
OBp29 Remarkable morphological characteristics of Milnesium sp. from Inhovde, East Antarctica *Atsushi C. Suzuki (Keio University), Megumu Tsujimoto (NIPR), Ryosuke Nakai (NIG), Sakae Kudoh (NIPR), Satoshi Imura (NIPR)
OBp30 An exposure study for UV-induced Damage in skin using the Bovine dermis in Antarctica Tetsuya TakahashI (Shimane Univer), Takayuki Ogura (Nippi)、Keisuke Tanaka (Nippi)、Shunji HattorI (Nippi), Satoshi Imura (NIPR), Sakae Kudoh(NIPR), Katsumi Yoshino (SIIT)
牛皮組織を用いた皮膚に対する紫外線ダメージに関する南極での曝露研究 高橋哲也(島根大教育)、小倉孝之(ニッピ)、田中啓友(ニッピ)、服部俊治(ニッピ)、伊村 智(極地研)、工藤 栄(極地研)、吉野勝美(島根県産技センター)
OBp31 Ethanol productivity of cryophilic basidiomycetous yeast Mrakia spp. isolated from Skarvsnes ice-free area, East Antarctica *Masaharu Tsuji (NIPR), Sakae Kudoh (NIPR), Tamotsu Hoshino (AIST)
東南極スカルブスネス露岩域から分離された担子菌酵母Mrakia属菌のエタノール発酵能 *辻 雅晴(極地研)、工藤 栄(極地研)、星野 保(産総研)
OBp32 How will the Antarctic terrestrial invertebrates respond to the change in the ambient temperature? *Megumu Tsujimoto (NIPR) , Satoshi Imura (NIPR)
OBp33 Antimicrobial activities of Antarctic soil microbes from Deception island *Yong Sheau Ting (UMS) and Clemente Michael Wong Vui Ling (UMS)

Link to the OB session program of Tuesday.